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Celtic Honey Irish Liqueur 750ml

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Formerly called CELTIC CROSSING!

Named to honor the millions of Irish who have crossed the seas, Celtic Honey is a truly unique liqueur. Made from a secret recipe, Celtic Honey is a delicious combination of Irish spirits and cognac, with a hint of honey.

Tasting Notes
Its taste is subtle and delicate, yet complex and mysterious. Made in small batches, its secret recipe uses 100% Irish ingredients. Pleasantly sweet and sensuously smooth, you can enjoy it straight or in delicious cocktails. Try this mystifying, elusive drink and see what luck it will bring you.

Serving Suggestions
Celtic Honey attributes its versatility to a smooth, rich taste that can be served straight up, on the rocks or mixed in anything from martinis to hot toddies. See recipe card for more details on mixability. Celtic Honey Recipes Celtic Kiss
Celtic Honey with a splash of Irish cream liqueur served over ice as a cocktail. Kiss me baby! Celtic Berry Patch
Half & half, raspberry liqueur, Celtic Honey and raspberry vodka. Berry good! Celtic Margarita
This classic cocktail is made with a Celtic twist. Margarita mix, tequila and Celtic Honey served straight up, on the rocks or frozen. Salud! Blue Celtic
Equal parts coconut rum, Blue Curacao and Celtic Honey. A bit of blue heaven! Celtic Crossbones
Celtic Honey and Irish whiskey. A spirited shot! Irish Punch
Celtic Honey and a splash of Watermelon Pucker. Pucker up! Erin Cross
Celtic Honey, Irish cream liqueur and Irish whiskey layered into a shot glass. Wow, a true Irish sampler! Celtic Gold
Equal parts Celtic Honey and Goldschlager. The shimmering shooter! Celtic Crush
Celtic Honey and orange juice served either on the rocks or blended with ice for a frozen delight. Don't get screwed, get crushed! Celtic Hard Lemonade
This is the MOST refreshing lemonade you'll ever taste. Celtic Honey, Boru Vodka and lemonade in a tall glass over ice. Serve poolside and enjoy this summer treat! Celtic Cooler
Celtic Honey, club soda and a lemon wedge. Totally cool! Irish American
Celtic Honey and cola! A classic marriage of culture. Celtic Cosmo
The classic cosmopolitan cocktail - Boru Vodka with splashes of cranberry juice and limejuice. A dash of Celtic Honey gives this trendy cocktail some true Irish spirit. Celtic Honey Dew
Celtic Honey, Boru Vodka and a dash of green melon liqueur. A sweet delight! Celtic Continental
Celtic Honey, a drop of raspberry liqueur and a dash of peach schnapps. Very continental! Celtic Citrus Martini
Equal parts of Celtic Honey and Boru Citrus Vodka, shaken not stirred, create the ultimate Celtic Martini. All Irish! Celtic Rocks
Celtic Honey is a delicious combination of Irish spirits and cognac. . . with a taste of honey. Over ice, its flavor is chilled to Celtic perfection. Celtic Sunrise
A delightful mix of Celtic Honey, orange juice and a dash of grenadine. Stir and watch the sunrise!
60 Proof

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