Patron Tequila

If you’ve ever gone shopping for tequila or even given yourself a chance to take a peek at the shelves, chances are good you’ve come across Patron at least once. Patron tequila is one of the most common and most beloved brand names in the world of this particular spirit, and with good reason. This is a distillery and a company that cares about its product as well as the people who enjoy it.

If you’re looking for more information to help you better understand Patron and everything it has to offer, check out the article below. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know and more about this iconic tequila brand, and you’ll be able to determine which of their quality products you want to try next.

The History of Patron
Patron is a tequila brand that comes from Mexico and was founded in 1989. Under this label, there are many different types of tequila to choose from, each of which cater to different tastes and specifications. However, they are all decidedly tequilas, and they are all made from blue agave, just like every tequila on the market is. Patron does not offer any Mezcal or other “tequila cousins” and instead focuses specifically on the production of tequila.

When it was founded, Patron was made in one of the oldest Mexican tequila distilleries. Although it has been upgraded since then and is now owned by Bacardi, it continues to focus on the heritage and cultural traditions of tequila production that gave it its popularity in the first place.

Patron is a higher-end sipping tequila that has made efforts over the years to create a name for itself away from the cheaper and lower-quality tequilas on the market. For this reason, this company uses clear glass bottles and numbers each one to show just how serious they are about the quality and class that goes into the creation and enjoyment of their beverages.

Best-Selling Products
Take a look at the product lineup from Patron listed below. These are some of the most beloved, well-known, and best-selling products from the brand, so there’s sure to be something for everyone here. Remember that all tequilas are different, so finding the one that’s right for you may take a little trial and error as well as consideration to narrow it down.

Patron Silver: Patron Silver is one of the most iconic tequilas within the Patron label. This clear liquor features a vanilla-pineapple flavor with a light taste throughout and a mineral finish. With hints of pepper and citrus and even a touch of custard, this is a quality sipping tequila that’s perfect for beginners.

Gran Patron Piedra: On the opposite end of the price spectrum from Patron Silver lies Gran Patron Piedra. This this an extra anejo tequila, which means it’s been aged longer than any of the other types on the market. The end result is a deep, warm red-brown with an oaky aroma and flavor throughout. This tequila also offers a touch of mushroom, citrus, and overall sweetness that is mellow and subtle in comparison to many of the others out there. This is one of the most expensive products from Patron, but it’s well worth the cost to experienced tequila aficionados.

Roca Patron Anejo: For something a little more middle-ground—between low-cost and high-cost in the Patron catalog—try Roca Patron Anejo. This liquor has been aged 14 months and comes out looking clear-yellow with a golden overall tone. It’s extremely smooth from start to finish, and it features nutty, woody flavors with a little bit of dark fruits and berries here and there. Overall, this tequila is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to move up from silver to a better quality tequila and wants to make the transition easily.

Patron Anejo: Slightly darker golden than Roca Patron Anejo, classic Patron Anejo has been aged for a year (or sometimes more) and is a blend of various tequilas rather than one specific style. It’s a little lower cost because of this, but still a good mid-range product with a full, bold flavor.

Gran Patron Platinum Silver: Patron calls its Gran Patron Platinum Silver “the world’s finest platinum tequila,” and many of its fans agree. This is a smooth, sophisticated tequila that comes in a handmade bottle and is truly a sight to behold. Anyone looking to experience the flavors and aromas of a high-end bottle of tequila while still sticking to silver tequila is sure to enjoy sipping this incredible liquor. This tequila is perfect for gift-giving and for those who want to sip and savor.

Patron XO Cafe Coffee Liqueur: As an added bonus, don’t forget about Patron XO Cafe Coffee Liqueur. This delicious and smooth tequila product is a coffee liqueur made from premium Patron Silver and coffee blended together. It’s subtle, easygoing and dry with a hint of chocolate, and it’s the perfect way to incorporate Patron tequila into your favorite cocktails. Of course, you can also enjoy it on its own as a dessert tequila, too!

Patron is a varied tequila label with many products to choose from. Narrowing down your options and determining where to get started is part of the fun, but don’t be afraid to buy and sample several of their tequilas if possible, too. You never know—you just may discover something you never knew you’d love! And when you stick with the Patron label, you never have to worry about wether or not the tequila you drink is a good quality. All of the products from this brand are excellent quality and crafted with commitment, care, and attention, so you can be sure to get something great every time.

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