Clase Azul Tequila

If you’ve never heard of Clase Azul tequila, don’t worry—you’re not alone. However, this label has been around since it was first founded in 1997 and has made a unique name for itself among other types and brands of tequila on the market. Clase Azul is one of the highest-end and most expensive tequila labels on the market, and many of its products are served and featured at extremely exclusive events. But there’s more to Clase Azul than simply a high price tag and a lot of notoriety, and if you’d like to learn more about this brand, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, you’ll find a quick rundown of information to help you get a better understanding of the Clase Azul label. You’ll discover the history of the label, some of its known products, and the way this company gives back a little, too. By the time you finish reading, you should have a better working knowledge of just what makes Clase Azul so sophisticated, and what brings buyers back again and again.

The History of Clase Azul
Overall, Clase Azul hasn’t been around as long as many of the other well-known tequila labels on the market. However, it’s already made a big splash in just a couple of decades, and the brand has a lot of loyalty because of this.

One of the most iconic features of Clase Azul tequila is its packaging. The bottles used for this tequila are all unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade products that are produced in Mexico by true artisans. This strategy not only raises the value of the tequila, but also allows it to remain as true to traditions, culture and heritage as possible.

The tequila itself is made with blue agave, as is all tequila. The agave used for Clase Azul is all organic and harvested in Mexico before being cooked in the traditional brick oven style to begin the production process. The agave used by this brand comes from a higher altitude than many others on the market, and this lends some different flavors and subtleties to the liquor that help it stand out from its competitors in surprising ways.

Best-Selling Products
There are only a few products available from the Clase Azul line, but less is certainly more when it comes to this label. Clase Azul focuses on quality over quantity and ensures that every drop of tequila sold conforms to its high standards. This brand is committed to providing customers with excellent liquor every time. Here are some of the best-selling products from this brand. If you’re looking for inspiration or wondering where to begin, try the following:

Clase Azul Plata: If you’d like to get your feet wet in the world of Clase Azul tequilas without spending quite as much as some of the other products from the label may cost, Clase Azul Plata tequila is a good place to begin. This is a silver tequila that provides plenty of exquisite taste and refined flavor in every sip. Although it’s silver and comes in at the lower end of the price range from this brand, don’t be fooled; this tequila is extremely high-quality and is meant for sipping, not mixing. Take your time enjoying this liquor slowly the next time you want to upgrade your tequila sipping experience.

Clase Azul Reposado: Take your tequila drinking up another notch with the Clase Azul Reposado tequila. This is a mid-range tequila from the label and has been aged for at least five years before packaging. The finished product is a bold and full tequila with flavors borrowed from the charred oak barrels in which it was stored. This is an ideal tequila for those who are already more experienced tequila drinkers or for “intermediate” fans who want to start moving toward a higher-end product. It also makes a great, sophisticated gift that, thanks to its stylish and unique bottling, looks great on any liquor shelf.

Clase Azul Anejo: The next highest quality tequila available from this label is the Clase Azul Anejo tequila. This product is filled with culture and tradition from start to finish. The tequila is aged longer than it is for any of the other products from this label, and when it is bottled, it goes into the same handmade clay bottles that make Clase Azul so breathtaking. The tequila features flavors of wood and oak along with a smooth finish that makes it perfect for sipping slowly throughout the night. Truly, this is the best relaxing tequila available from the Clase Azul line.

Clase Azul Tequila Ultra: Every now and then, you may want to go for something even higher than high-end. If this is true of you and your search for the perfect tequila, consider Clase Azul Tequila Ultra. This liquor comes in a luxurious black bottle with real 24-karat gold accents and is made in small batches that sell out fast when it’s available. The tequila is stored in charred sherry casks for five years before bottling, so it ends up with a bold, smooth, and exquisite taste that is considerably different from most other tequilas on the market. This is a collectors’ tequila, and it’s perfect for those who really love their favorite liquor and want to indulge.

Clase Azul tequila may not be for everyone, and if it’s not for you, that’s okay. However, if you have the funds and the opportunity to do so, you may want to pick up a bottle or two at some point and really savor the tastes, aromas, and beautiful packaging that this label has to offer. There are many different types of high-end tequila in the world, but Clase Azul is one of the most exquisite and interesting, so why not sample it next time you have a chance? For any exclusive functions you may be planning to host or for a gift that will truly never be forgotten, take a look at the product line from Clase Azul and see for yourself just what makes this tequila so incredible.

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