Up and Coming Tequila Trends

Tequila grows more and more popular every year, and 2020 is looking to continue this growth pattern. But if you’re a big fan of tequila and other similar liquors, what should you be on the lookout for throughout this coming year? Which trends do you want to be at the forefront of—and conversely, which ones do you think you might sit out this time around? It can take some time to understand changes in the world of your favorite alcoholic beverages, but understanding what to expect can make the process easier. Check out the list of upcoming tequila trends below to help you learn more.

• Mezcal

In 2019, Mezcal saw a rise in popularity that had been unmatched in prior years. It’s expected for this liquor to continue growing in the year to come, especially as more and more labels and distilleries are joining the mezcal movement. There may even be some new cocktail recipes utilizing mezcal as the main ingredient, so be on the lookout for some unique changes where this high-end variant of tequila is considered.

• Celebrity Labels

After the success of George Clooney’s Casamigos label, more celebrities are trying their hand at tequila labels. One of these is The Rock, whose tequila label is called Teremana. This tequila will be launching later this year and is highly anticipated. Michael Jordan also started a tequila label in 2019, which is expected to grow in popularity throughout the next year too. This label is called Cincoro.

• Lower Quality

Unfortunately, since tequila is becoming more prominent and distilleries are working to keep up with the higher demand than usual, this means quality may be lowered in some instances. In particular, those distilleries that utilize diffusers to separate agave by machine continue to score the lowest in terms of flavor in taste tests. This is simply an example of cutting corners and losing good products because of it, so the hope is that tequila quality will see an upswing again as distilleries realize this and work to rectify the problem.

• Other Agave Spirits

As tequila becomes more popular and, in turn, tequila prices escalate, distilleries are expected to make other agave-based spirits to help keep up. Since a liquor can only be a tequila if it’s made with a specific type of blue agave and produced in the right location, these spirits will not be able to be labeled as tequilas. However, they will work as substitutes and are likely to become fast favorites among those who don’t want to spend a fortune for a good-quality liquor, as well as those who are just looking for a mix-in or a cocktail base.

• More Names

Distilleries and labels both are expected to increase in the coming year and beyond. Tequila is on the upswing and is steadily climbing all the time, and as such, more distilleries will want to jump on the bandwagon while the liquor is still seeing a popularity boom. For this reason, consumers can expect to see more fresh new labels on the shelves of their local liquor stores, and they may find new variations and styles of tequila to enjoy at the same time. Not all of these are likely to be celebrity-owned or endorsed labels, but going back to an earlier point, some of them are sure to be.

• Environmental Consciousness

It’s crucial to consider environmental impacts of food and beverage trends, and the same is true of this tequila trend, too. Because of tequila’s rise in the liquor market, the blue agave plant is seeing a shortage in the areas in which tequila is manufactured. And because of this, there may soon be some drastic changes in the way tequila is made and the different types of tequilas that are allowed to be labeled as such. In the same vein, more tequila distilleries will start adding terms to their labels to signify whether or not they’re doing anything to combat this environmental need. Customers will expect more transparency from companies, and companies will need to keep up with this demand in order to stay viable in a market that is very deeply concerned with managing environmental changes.

• Returning Players

Just because there are going to be some new faces in the world of tequila, that doesn’t mean you won’t see some old classics too. Patron, for example, is planning some significant changes that are sure to make a splash in 2020. The distillery was recently purchased by Bacardi and, since then, has been working on adding new and exciting flavors and variations to its line of tequila products. The distillery will also become more prominent in markets again and is set to launch some new products and events during the upcoming year.

• Old vs. New

Finally, you can expect to see even more of a rift between fans of old, classic tequilas and those who prefer new, unique twists on the traditional. This is a common generational gap seen in the histories of many types of liquor, and now it’s tequila’s turn; younger generations will continue to push for new development trends moving forward, while older generations will insist on sticking with what they already know. The end result will be a tequila market with the best of both worlds shining at the top of the pile, and consumers are sure to benefit from this in the long run.

Which of these trends looks like something you want to try out? Are there any you’re not looking forward to? As tastes change and different generations begin experimenting with classic cocktails and liquors, it’s inevitable for trends to shift as well. If you love classic tequila beverages, you don’t have to worry about them going anywhere. On the other hand, if you’re interested in seeing what’s just over the horizon, you can look forward to the up and coming tequila trends of 2020. And who knows? You might just discover something new and exciting yourself while you’re out there sampling what’s available!

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